Trend To Try: Blonde Hair Colour


WHETHER you are a brunette who wants to lighten up or a blonde who wants to go darker, there’s a shade for everyone in the celeb loved bronde trend. A darker base shade with light highlights will give a shade that’s part blonde and part brown, or ‘bronde’. We help you to bridge the gap between Blonde and Brunette.

A very blended ombre look like Elizabeth Olsen’s is ideal for fair skinned ladies.

TWO words: multi-coloured highlights. Think caramel to ash blonde. This is perfect for medium complexions like Jennifer Lopez, as they enhance the skin’s natural tone.  This trick also makes a person look a few years younger.

WITH a deeper skin tone, warm butterscotch blonde can be incorporated into the hair colour without running the risk of looking washed-out.

Dark hair can look very dramatic and striking, but when adding a lighter tone, like Beyoncé does, it can soften up the face and give a natural glow.

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